Application Form

For the upcoming Exhibition at Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens

We are now inviting submissions for the upcoming Kaipara Coast Sculpture Garden Exhibition 2021.

The Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens Exhibition aims to entertain and engage both the general public and the art community in an artistically challenging and visually stimulating outdoor environment. Visitors participate in the exhibition while walking a trail which passes through a rural landscape with a mix of grassy slopes, ponds, wetland area, formal gardens, native bush, an orchard, pine planting and has views to the Kaipara Harbour.

The sculpture gardens, which opened in 2008, have been developed in conjunction with Kaipara Coast Plant Centre which has been owned and operated by David and Geraldine Bayly from this site since 1988. This exhibition will celebrate 13 years of proudly showcasing a wide range of New Zealand made art.

We are seeking proposals for outdoor artworks from artists across all art forms with a focus on sculptural works. We encourage concepts that consider a local sense of place. This could be through ideas which are inspired by experiences unique to our environment or concepts that create unique experiences for our visitors and community.

The sculpture gardens are only a 35-minute drive from Auckland on the scenic SH 16 route, making it readily accessible to a large public audience and to potential clients.

We look forward to seeing your proposals and working with you to create a great exhibition.

Dates to Remember

  • Send your proposal in now.
  • We will send a notification of acceptance (or not) within 2 weeks.
  • Installation by artists mid November.
  • Exhibition opening early December.
  • Exhibition on show until November the following year.

Artist Proposal Form

Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens Exhibition

Please provide us with as much detail as possible in order to assist us in understanding your submission.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the up coming exhibition. Please complete the proposal form, supporting documents and suitably labelled images.

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Personal Details

Sculpture Details

Where possible please include labelled files of drawings, photographs of actual work or other similar work to represent your proposal.
Work must be sufficiently durable and weather resistant to remain in good condition for the 12 month duration of the exhibition.
Attach sketch, photographs, videos, diagrams or plans of previous or proposed work.

Total size of all files must add up to no more than 20MB.

Does the work have any special installation or on-going maintenance requirements? Please list proposed method of installation and any assistance that may be required (eg hiab, footings, ladders, people power etc.) Sculptures need to be firmly supported so that they are safe for public access.
Please refer to information below to assist with determining this price.
Please describe in approximately 100 words your work and how it relates to your art practice, a bio about yourself, exhibition history etc that we can use on signage and in a portfolio to promote your work.

Support for Proposing Artists and Terms and conditions



  • Promoting all work in an exhibition catalogue to be given to each group going through the gardens and on the Kaipara Coast website.
  • Promoting and profiling the work of exhibiting artists in an ‘Artists Library’ to be kept in the Kaipara Coast Coffee Stop and through the Kaipara Coast website and facebook pages. Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens encourages artists to share their own promotional content to be used for these purposes. A template for the artists profile to be included within the ‘Artists Library’ is available.
  • Passing on artists contact details to potential purchasers, if appropriate.
  • Two Complimentary tickets to the Exhibition opening and an annual pass for artists and their immediate family for the duration of the exhibition.
  • Upon sale of a sculpture the artist will be given first opportunity to fill this place with another work.


For the integrity of the exhibition sculptures must remain in place in the gardens for the duration of the exhibition ie: until November 2019 unless sold by us. Assistance for the installation and de-installation of works will be at the discretion of Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens and will be negotiated with the curator and/or David Bayly.


Transportation of the works to the site and removal of unsold works will be the responsibility of the artist. A transport subsidy may be available on application. For works that are sold, the artist will be responsible for arranging transportation and installation of the sculpture with the purchaser. If required, Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens can provide a quote to cover the costs of organising the delivery and installation of sold works.


Works must be constructed of suitably high quality materials and workmanship so as to withstand the environmental conditions of display at the gardens for 12 months and have longevity for the purchaser. Defects in workmanship will be the liability of the artist. (Unless the work is ephemeral in nature). If works are defective and are unable to be repaired so that they can last until the duration of the exhibition Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens reserves the right to ask artists to remove or replace the works.


While we work in consultation with artists on the siting of work, the selection and final placement of works will be at the discretion of the curator/directors of Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens. Placement of work will be in a location that best suits the work and the overall exhibition and will be at their discretion.


The exhibitor is responsible for insuring their works both in transit and while on site. Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens is staffed from 9am to 5pm. The sculptures are located well away from the main highway down a long driveway, after hours a security gate is shut and locked on the driveway. Please be aware that this is a rural environment where birds, possums, rabbits and other wildlife may be present. Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens does not accept liability for any damage incurred by trees, animals, wildlife or the public.


A 40% commission applies for work valued under $400. For work valued over $400 there will be no commission, however there will be an administration fee of $150. The commission or administration fee will be deducted from the payment of works sold to the artist.


Payment for work sold will be on the 20th of the month following sale.


Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens will reproduce images of the sculptures for the purpose of promotion of the artists and the sculpture trail. This may include use for the catalogue, advertising, publicity, website, magazine, print media, TV, video and documentary. In order to assist us to promote your work, please provide photographs, sketches, videos of your work in progress and any other work that you have done that would assist Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens in promoting your work / talent.


Ownership of sculptures remains with the artist until the works are sold and paid for.


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